Tuning Gruppen Marketing Campaign


Here you can select your choice of marketing packs.
Full out what area you are living in so our experts can make advert to your specific area, postcode and Country.
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Here you can buy your own marketing pack per month, you deside for yourself how much you want to use, and the amount you want to use will be spent in your area for the selected month. We use a specialist how sets this up for use in Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other social platforms in your area. The campain will last from the 1. day the selected mount to the last day of this month.
The more money you spend on marketing, the more sales you get, if your competitors are using this all the time, then you are losing money every day. 
Also will all your money go to this campain, it is no fee to use this service, it is a offer to our costumers to increase sales.
NOTE: It is important that you order this pack before the 1. every month, this is because the spesalist must have a couple of days to set the correct settings to every account.



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